My goal is to teach students a general understanding of the German language and linguistics. It has been my experience that this works best when the students feel valued and supported and when they can contribute by comparing and transferring knowledge. In order to constantly improve the quality of my teaching, I regularly collect student feedback and completed the “NRW-Zertifikat Professionelle Lehrkompetenz für die Hochschule” (certificate for competence in professional university-teaching) in 2018.

Teaching at University of Cologne

Introductory courses

Introductory courses to German linguistics are aimed at early undergraduate students. These courses are held twice per week (4 periods per week) and are evaluated via a final exam. There are usually between 30 and 60 students per course.

Semesters taught: SoSe 2015, WiSe 2015/16 (2 courses), SoSe 2016, WiSe 2017/18, WiSe 2018/19, SoSe 2019, WiSe 2019/20

Academic Writing for Linguists

This is an advanced course for undergraduate students. These courses are taught once a week (2 periods per week) or as a block seminar and are evaluated via Activity (presentations and/or essays). There are usually 10 to 30 students per course.

Semesters taught: SoSe 2016, WiSe 2016/17 (block), SoSe 2017 (block)

Teaching at University of Cambridge

The teaching of German as a foreign language was held in terms of supervisions (individual teaching or small groups of max. 3 students). Depending on the level of the students, the teaching would focus on oral practice (first years),

translation English-German (second years) or text production and analysis (fourth years).